Customer Service

1. How do I contact Customer Service?

Please visit our Contact Us page for full contact details

2. Why was my credit/debit card or other payment method declined at checkout?
If you receive notification that your credit or debit card or other payment method has been declined, please contact your issuing bank or payment provider. Before doing so, please ensure that:

If you would like further assistance, please email

  • The card details or payment information entered are correct. For instance, your 16 digit code is correct and that you have selected the right card type
  • The 3 or 4-digit security number is correct.
  • Your credit card has not expired.

3. How much duty and tax will I have to pay?
Customs Duties if any, are applied by local customs office of the country where the customer is receiving the shipment, and these are borne by the customer. Customs duties or taxes are applied as per import duties and taxations laws of a country and are outside our influence and control. Hence these need to be borne by the recipient of the shipment, the customer.

For any further queries, please Contact Us ( make this a link)