Protecting and Empowering Women - | Mulmul | and | More | by |Priyanka Bhambry |

Women Empowerment is one of the major goals of United Nations and is a need of the hour. Closing gender gaps and empowering women not only serves women, it’s good for countries as a whole. Gender equality boosts economic productivity, makes institutions more representative, and makes life better for future generations.

| Mulmul | and | More | by | Priyanka Bhambry | is commited towards women's empowerment. Priyanka while writing her buisness plan for London College of Fashion dissertation had women's empowerment as one of her missons for her company. 

Ever since | Mulmul | and | More | by | Priyanka Bhambry | started it has been continously training women from economically challeneged women at par with UK Standards. Till date it has trained 6 women to the level of perfection and made them economically independant.  Whilst these are being trained women stipend is always paid  them and | Mulmul | and | More | by | Priyanka Bhambry | never charges any money for any sort of training provided to women coming from low economic backgrounds.

Few of these women are now being inducted into the management of the company.

Also in its latest initiatve | Mulmul | and | More | by | Priyanka Bhambry | has taken it as a responsibility to recoganize the efforts of women that it comes across as its clients or otherwise. Women are doing wonderful in various startas be it at as home makers, as front liners, top executives, artists, forces  etc the list is endless.| Mulmul | and | More | by | Priyanka Bhambry | would each month recoganize a few women via its various social media channels.